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How to save?

Saving is reducing of recourse consumption to some minimum value. It looks very easy, but how to reduce recourse consumtion if you do not know its exact reason.

Therefore before starting to save energy, it is important to understand sources of most energy consumption. For example, when you save money, you understand most cost items, and saving expenses for one of these items, you start to save money.

So, there are few steps to start saving:

- Find out main cost items

- Choose the biggest cost item

- Find out steps to reduce costs for this item

- Perform these steps!

Let's look an example with heating of an apartment:

At the first stage we set temperature sensors in the apartment. After some time, e.g. a week, we look at temperature charts for this period. And we understand that despite huge bills for heating, our temperature at home is only 18-19 degrees above zero! Of course, there is a standard that 18 degrees is the minimum acceptable value in the apartment. But at the same time we need to wear a sweater at home, doesn't it?

So, we passed the monitoring step. What do we need to do further?

We have the following options:

But how to find out the most profitable option?

Of course, setting the new window will be useful. But what about usage of heating? It uses much electricity.

If we use the system for monitoring of electricity and temperature, you will be able to compare effectivity of each of the options above after its implementing.

And now it is possible with Ecois.Me!