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EcoisMe is the system that helps you to save money, saving energy.

How EcoisMe helps you to save?

EcoisMe is the platform that analyses data of your energy consumption and finds out devices that consumed energy. Then it suggests ways to reduce costs, spent on electricity.

For example, you will be able to check how much you spent energy for heating your aparment and what was your temperature for the whole month.

Why cannot I set just a thermometer?

Will it built you the chart of temperature for a day? Will you be able to remind temperature of the last summer? Will you be able to check relation between temperature and energy consumption?

With our system, data from sensors will be available 24/7 on the web platform or mobile devices.

Moreover, EcoisMe will help you to find out how you spent energy and what devices used it more than other ones.

Thank you for your attention, we really want to improve your life!

EcoisMe Team