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Our homes are filled with appliances. From TVs and air-conditioning units to fridges, ovens, washing machines and many more, your home is home to all kinds of devices. And all of them are invisibly consuming energy. offers a simple and easy way to optimize your energy use.


Our solution can identify every single device in your home just from reading your total energy consumption. How does it work? Thanks to our unique algorithms based on spectrum and power analysis, our solution can single out even your smallest devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Though you find many alternatives for natural sources, oil always remains the powerful resource of global economy. One who invests in Öl profit trading is laying strong foundation to overcome any discrepancies in the future.

Save up to 30% of your energy!

With you can save up to 30% of energy usage. It will help you optimize your electricity consumption and find the best ways to save money — again and again and again!

It is simple — just click and sign in!

The service is a combination of hardware and software that analyzes your energy spending. Simply connect a small sensor to your main electrical panel, sign in to our website and you’re ready to start saving energy with EcoisMe. Remember, you only need ONE hardware package to save energy at home!

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