Energy saving has never been so easy!

Thanks to the powerful technology, having just one sensor in your flat, you will see how much energy is consumed by each your device and the system will provide you clear and precise recommendations to reduce your power usage.

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Our benefits

Our solution

Our solution

With you get a friendly dashboard of your energy usage. Thanks to unique technology, combining power and spectrum analysis, can single out your home appliances, check their energy efficiency and suggest you best ways to save energy.

Life saving

Life saving

If you forgot to switch off an iron, electric oven or AC, will take care about this and send you gently reminders. It will notify you even if you forgot to close а door in your fridge or left a window opened in winter time.


Connection is connected to your master switch. It can be done by any electrician. Then it sends data to our server via WiFi. That’s all, no boring manuals and complex interfaces to start working with the system.

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